Welcome To Lari Technical and Vocational College. Creating a Better Future, For All.

Lari Technical and Vocational College is a public middle level college registered by Technical Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) in accordance with the TVET Act, its under the Ministry of Education , State Department of TVET. Located at Kwaregi, Githirioni Location Lari constituency along the Githunguri- Kagaa -Uplands road.

The institution was opened in January 2019 to offer agriculture value addition courses and other related courses in the field of food processing and preservation, agribusiness, Information communication technology, plumbing and business courses. Its has state of the Art equipment supplied by Avic International courtesy of the Government of Kenya.

Computer lab

Academic life

Our Institute enables you meet the challenges of academic excellence in a positive manner. The administrators and departments, work hard to continue the legacy of success and standard of excellence


Expert Trainers

Our Trainers are of great qualification, provide extremely thorough and careful instruction as they engage all students with relevant tasks that will allow them to enhance their 21st century skills in a collaborative setting.


Best Classrooms

The Classrooms has been equipped with tools and equipment. The equipment has improved the quality of training. The institute has also supplemented in supplying the equipment and materials needed for training.